Watch Samara from ‘The Ring’ prank these customers (Video)

“You know the rules — first you watch it, then you die,” so it’s no wonder seeing Samara from The Ring crawling out of a television really scared some folks.

The film Rings will follow a woman who makes a shocking discovery of the urban legend 13 years after Samara has graced the screen.

Paramount Studios released a video on Monday, Jan. 23 of customers getting pranked to promote the third chapter in the franchise from 2002.

Shoppers, who walked in looking for televisions, saw Samara crawling out of the television screen.

The iconic character with the long hair covering her face scared customers, who were seen talking with a store representative about the specs on the television sets.

As the screens flashed to a trailer of Rings, shoppers were caught off guard. Some ran out of the room, while some even tripped over a box.

The video has already earned 200 million views on Facebook.

Rings is directed by F. Javier Gutierrez and will be out on Feb. 3.

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