Yahoo Finance roasted by Black Twitter after ‘N*gger Navy’ typo

An intern for the Yahoo! Finance Twitter account probably came into the office today sweating bullets. Around 8 p.m. last night the intern accidentally, at least we’re assuming, tweeted that Donald Trump wanted a much “n*gger Navy“. Failure to spell check becomes a much ‘n*gger’ issue when you make a typo like this (see what I did there).

The tweet was left up for 20 minutes before the error was caught, accumulating tons of retweets and responses. Yahoo deleted the tweet after noticing the error and issued an apology as well. As always though, Black Twitter had a field day with this gaffe and users wasted no time in letting the jokes fly. “N*gger Navy” began trending shortly thereafter. Here are some of the best tweets in response to this ignominious typo.

One user sought to point out the potential problems with a “Ni**er Navy.”

This user found a clever way to combine this trending topic with another popular meme:

This clip from Soul Plane made a perfect GIF:

Other users promoted the idea of “N*gger Navy” being lit.


It’s nice that instead of complaining about racism people sought to make lightheartedness and humor out of this obvious mistake from an intern. Let this serve as a teachable moment to everyone that spell checking before posting is necessary.

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