‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: ‘The Allowance Evaporation’

On this week’s Big Bang Theory, Raj learns that his father is no longer trying to arrange a marriage for him because it is too much work. Even though Raj didn’t want an arragement, he becomes offended. His father believes that Raj is too sensitive and depends on his money too much. Raj feels that his father has given up on him.

The gang tries to console Raj, but then they find out that his father pays for his car, rent and his credit cards. This makes them start to agree with his dad. Leonard points out that he should be able to get by on his salary. When they try to itemize his spending, they find that Raj doesn’t know how much anything costs since he doesn’t pay for it. His housekeeper even does the grocery shopping. The gang arrive at the conclusion that he is definitely spoiled.

If Raj wants to be independent, he will need a cheaper place. Leonard suggests that he move in with Howard and Bernadette. Not wanting a new house guest, Howard suggests that he stay in Sheldon’s old room. They all breath a sigh of relief when Raj declines. He states that he does not want to take advantage of his friends.  Later, he decides to call his dad to tell him that he’ll be taking care of himself from now on. Raj starts by firing his dog walker and bringing a bagged lunch to work.

Meanwhile, Amy and Sheldon run into Burt when they are out on a dinner date. He is at the bar waiting on a date of his own. When she doesn’t show up, Sheldon invites Burt to join him and Amy. During the discussion, it comes out that Burt knows that Sheldon and Amy only have sex once a year. Amy becomes embarrassed and upset when she finds out that the rest of the university knows as well.

Amy explains to Sheldon that there are certain things you don’t share with acquaintances. This prompts Sheldon to draw a “zones of privacy” chart that outlines different topics and whom they can be shared with. In the middle, Amy notices there is a little dot. Sheldon says this is for secrets he keeps to himself. Amy becomes curious and pushes him to tell her something he has never shared. That is when Sheldon confesses that he got his drivers license two years ago. This shocks Amy. Sheldon admits he likes to be chauffeured around because it makes him feel important.

The next day, Sheldon announces to the cafeteria that his relationship with Amy isn’t water cooler gossip. He says everyone should focus on science. The guys inquire as to what brought this on. Sheldon says that he learned that Amy wasn’t just cranky from menstruating, she really was mortified by the over sharing.

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