‘The Flash:’ Top 10 moments from ‘Attack on Gorilla City’

The last episode of The Flash found four members of Team Flash heading to Earth-2 in order to save Harry Wells when he goes missing in Gorilla City. Barry, Caitlin, Cisco and Julian all travel there together while Jesse and Wally stay behind to protect Central City.

While on Earth-2, the foursome think they have a handle on what is going on, thinking that they are helping Grodd keep the gorillas from going into Earth-1 to take over. However, it becomes apparent that Grodd is double crossing them and they must figure out how to get out of the situation they are in before it gets any worse.

As this is all happening, back home, Jesse is acting off with Wally and it is not just regarding her father. She is wary over the feelings she has now that Wally is a speedster, having previously felt he only was interested in her because she had speed as well.

The adventure with Grodd is not over yet as there is more to come in next week’s episode. For now, check out the top ten moments from “Attack on Gorilla City.”

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