Must Watch Music Videos – The Kills, Blondie, Beyoncé

We have an exciting all-star lineup in this President’s Day edition of Must Watch Music Videos – including Blondie, Beyoncé and The Kills.

Happy long weekend and welcome to our Must Watch Music Videos! We hope you have the day off to relax. Many businesses are closed and schools are not in session. Maybe you get to spend a whole extra day hanging out with your kids. Isn’t that nice?… Maybe? Well anyway, we sincerely wish you a nice and peaceful time this President’s Day.

We have an exciting all-star lineup this week for your enjoyment. Blondie is back in action, prompting an en mass flashback of the best variety. Beyoncé is once again on the list, with a little something familiar to anyone who saw her Grammy performance. The Kills are also on top this week with a high-tech video for this modern age.

Whatever your plans are this President’s Day – babysitting, sleeping, marching – take some time to kick off your holiday with these Must Watch Music Videos. Enjoy!

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