Trailer Park: ‘Rock Dog’ hopes to rock the box office

Go on an adventure with this week’s new releases. On the run from killers, gangsters and their fate, the characters in the latest films entering theaters will take viewers on a ride. In a new animated film, a dog goes on a journey to make a name for himself.

After finding a radio, a young dog, in a family full of guard dogs, dreams of becoming a musician in Rock Dog. With rock ‘n’ roll on his mind, he leaves his home on Snow Mountain and travels to the city where he meets a reclusive rock legend in need of songwriting help. The PG animated adventure features the voices of Luke Wilson, Eddie Izzard, J.K. Simmons, Lewis Black, Kenan Thompson, Jorge Garcia, Matt Dillon and Sam Elliott. The family friendly film plays for one hour and thirty minutes.

An interracial couple visits the young woman’s parents for the first time in Get Out. What appears to be nervous energy about their daughter dating an African-American man, becomes increasingly suspicious. During his weekend stay at his girlfriend’s family’s estate, the young man discovers that the mystery surrounding the family may put his life in jeopardy. The horror film is written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele. The one hour and forty-four minute thriller is rated R for violence, language and sex.

Following a botched robbery, a man finds himself in the cross-hairs of a mob boss in Collide. Worried what the gangster will do to the one he loves, he reaches out to his former boss, a drug smuggler, to help keep his girlfriend safe. The PG-13 action film stars Nicholas Hoult, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley and Felicity Jones. The thriller runs for one hour and thirty-nine minutes.

There’s more action adventure to come next week with the release of the Wolverine film Logan. The Anna Kendrick comedy Table 19 is also entering theaters on March 3.

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