Ed Sheeran thinks he knows when Taylor Swift will drop next album

Every two years since 2006, Taylor Swift has released an album in the fall. That is, until the fall of 2016.

While Taylor herself has remained quiet about when she intends to start making music again, fellow performer and friend, Ed Sheeran, has some speculation of his own. The “Shape of You,” artist is in for a big year as his album Divide drops March 3 and there doesn’t look to be anyone in the way of his success.

He tells BBC News “I think this year is going to be the high point. I have a feeling about it. Seventeen is my lucky number, and everyone I was scared of releasing of albums around me released them all last year – people like Beyonce and The Weeknd and Bruno Mars.”

As for his past collaborator, he doesn’t think she’ll steal the spotlight anytime soon saying, “Taylor [Swift] isn’t going to be releasing until probably the end of this year – Christmas is the smartest time to release because that’s when everyone buys records. So I’ve got a full year of just all Ed, all the time.”

After the completion of her 1989 World Tour, Swift surprised the world by announcing that she would be taking a well deserved break from music, interrupting her standing two-year tradition.

Swift elaborated on the big decision in Vogue revealing, “This is the first time in 10 years that I haven’t known [what’s next]. I just decided that after the past year, with all of the unbelievable things that happened … I decided I was going to live my life a little bit without the pressure on myself to create something.”

So according to Ed, we have to wait about nine months for a sequel to 1989. Here’s to hoping he’s wrong!

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