‘NCIS: New Orleans:’ Top 20 moments from ‘Swift, Silent, Deadly,’ ‘Slay The Dragon’

In a special two hour episode of NCIS: New Orleans, the team tackled two cases with one involving a man from Tammy’s past. The first part of the episode, titled “Swift, Silent, Deadly” focused on the case of Sergeant John Brussette, who has brutally been attacking people for unknown reasons. When the team is finally able to catch up with him, after being taken down themselves, they become embroiled in a much larger case.

Then after the case is over, the next part, titled “Slay the Dragon,” saw Tammy finally make contact with her ex-husband, Ethan McKinley. The man who stole millions in funds after Hurricane Katrina comes to her asking for help, but she is sure it is nothing but a con. However, she must work with him if there’s even a chance New Orleans can regain the stolen funds.

NCIS: New Orleans
Photo: Sam Lothridge/CBS

Normally we would do two separate top 10s for these episodes, but since they both managed to intersect seamlessly, we decided to combine the two episodes into a cohesive list. So follow along and catch up on the top moments from the special two hour event.

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