PINS explore a darker side on new EP ‘Bad Thing’

When your all-female post-punk band is asked to play the opening slot on Sleater-Kinney’s comeback tour, you know you’re doing something right. Lucky for PINS, they’ve sealed the approval of those legendary and trailblazing west coast women. Formed in 2011, the Manchester quartet bring that same fiery ‘90s garage band style to a new generation. On their newest self-released EP Bad Thing, PINS prove they are as innovative as they are nostalgic.

PINS have released two full-length albums since 2013, but decided for a compact but rip-roaring EP as their latest release. “We love making and releasing music, we’re prolific songwriters, the band is really fluid, I can’t imagine only [releasing] 12 songs every three years or whatever,” the band said in a recent interview. With hints of Beach House and the Jesus and Mary Chain scattered throughout the EP, Bad Thing marks a self-described transition and gives fans just a taste of what the four powerhouse musicians have been up to in the last few years.  

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The title track sees PINS at their most impressive. “Bad Thing” is anthemic and rebellious, the perfect blend of sharp synths and fuzzy guitars. Though each of the five tracks on this EP create a mystifying and otherworldly atmosphere, the Iggy Pop feature on “Aggrophobe” is especially chilling. The Stooges singer lends his eerie voice on spoken word verses that linger in the air just long enough to make you want to peek over your shoulder to make sure there’s no one behind you. Hypnotic bass lines will make your heart race, inducing a powerful sensation of anxiety never before achieved by a piece of music.

Not only did PINS release an effortless collaboration with one of rock’s biggest stars, but they also produced a masterful cover of the Joy Division class, “Dead Souls.”  The cover fits perfectly with the already frantic sound of the EP. Where the original is somewhat subdued, PINS’ version builds with intensity as the song continues after nearly two minutes of riffs.  

Bad Thing is out now on the band’s own label, Haus of Pins.

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