‘Alcohol & Bad Decisions’ strong kick-off for Psychocide [Review]

Psychocide’s rock-n-roll sound is infused with a NY punk irreverence and humor.

Psychocide released their debut album entitled Alcohol & Bad Decisions on March 2. Though conceived in New York, the band is presently Montreal-based. Their rock-n-roll sound is infused with a NY punk irreverence and humor that captivates audience attention. Though some tracks are more effective than others, this is a strong kick-off for Psychocide.

Alcohol & Bad Decisions begins with the tumbling rhythms of “Crazy Janet.” A fast paced and accessible track, this is a solid start. With wailing guitar riffs and a danceable beat, this will quickly get listeners moving. A tale of a total heartbreaker, entitled “Mary,” follows immediately after. Though not a bad track, this comparatively soft tune is not one of Psychocide’s strongest.

Humor, narrative and darkness from Psychocide

As the album continues onward, it becomes clear that most tracks tell the story of individuals in the album’s world. “Crossing Guard” is no exception – bringing a hard and slightly maniacal edge to these seemingly innocuous figures. Meanwhile “Mr Suit” takes a jab at the working upper classes, with somewhat pointed satire.

Among the standouts tracks on Alcohol & Bad Decisions are the radio ready “Temporary Friends” and intense “Paranoia.” The first has an almost Talking Heads circa “Psycho Killer” vibe about it. Once again punctuated with skillfull guitar breaks and candid lyrics, this track is sure to do well. “Paranoia” on the other hand has a harder, angrier and oddly enthralling beat to it.



Closing out Alcohol & Bad Decisions is “Breaking Bad.” Here, Psychocide produces smoother sounds with more of a classic sensibility. An interesting ending to the album – it does not feel like any conclusion is reached. As a result, listeners are left with a sense that the story is not over.

Psychocide delivered a strong record with Alcohol & Bad Decisions. These musicians manage to balance technical skill with humor, darkness and narrative. Consequently, audiences will look forward to checking out what the future holds for these gentlemen.

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