Top 11 animated characters you remember from your childhood and the voices behind them

Over the years, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo have become animated favorites. People remember these characters for the laughs they caused and the memories they’ve helped make. But how often do audiences think about the actors behind the voices?

Part of movie magic is to never let the audience see how it’s done. So, it’s kind of a good thing that people don’t really think about how much an actor has to manipulate his voice to reach Mickey’s falsetto tone. Or that they don’t realize that animated boy characters like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats or Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents were actually played by women.

Voice actors have to do some crazy manipulations to fit their voices to their characters. They go through tricks, training and lots of hard work. In the end, they barely receive any recognition at all. Let’s fix that. Here are some of your favorite animated characters and the voices behind them.

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