10 foods you probably didn’t know were served at Coachella

Music festivals are great for discovering new music, new artists and best of all new food! The 2017 Coachella brought great chefs and food providers to the scene.

When this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicked off, the food and the music were fun and photo worthy. A summer basking in sunlight, listening to good music and eating wonderful creations is a summer’s delight worth sharing with friends.

A bunch of foodies are probably going crazy over the unique creations that are made. Some are even as beautiful as the works in the MoMA. People have the chance to experience tacos, sushirittos, ice cream and much more! It doesn’t even matter whether or not you’re a vegetarian, vegan or meat-lover because there are a variety of options to choose from.

Imagine walking down the block and all your favorite food restaurants were lined up one after the other. That is a true dream come true. And that is this year’s Coachella. So as you move through this list you may need a towel handy as some of these eats are sure to make you drool.

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