‘Big Bang Theory’ recap: ‘The Gyroscope Collapse’

On this week’s Big Bang Theory the gang’s gyroscope project comes to a screeching halt and they aren’t taking it well.

After successfully completing the year-long project, the U.S. government seized their research and would be moving forward on the project without them. This news was very heartbreaking to them and they received no sympathy from Colonel Williams.

Back at home, Raj is moving out of Leonard and Penny’s apartment! He will be staying in a room on top of Bert’s garage. Also, Amy found out she was offered a research fellowship at Princeton for the summer. This worries her because it means she will have to be away from an already distraught Sheldon.

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She makes Sheldon plain oatmeal, his favorite, in order to break the news. Sheldon gets upset about the thought of her leaving, but tells her she has to go because it’s important.

Sheldon takes the news hard and tries to find comfort in playing the harmonica in a vacant third-floor apartment. When Leonard and Raj find him, Leonard points out that he often comes off as an unsupportive boyfriend. Sheldon agrees with Leonard and in an attempt to show Amy his support, he surprises her with some new luggage for her trip.

In a shocking twist, Sheldon decides that he and Amy should be intimate before she leaves, even though it isn’t her birthday. Their lovemaking noises, mainly Sheldon enthusiastically yelling “whoopee,” are too much for Penny, Leonard and Raj who hear them from the hallway.

Before Amy leaves, he reminds her that they have to Skype every day and that he is proud of her. Also, he warns her to beware of any scientists with hair like Thor who are as smart and tall as him.

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