‘Logan’ to be re-released in black and white

Earlier this year, Logan, hit theaters and smashed box offices. Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine movie blew audiences away with its striking mix of action and emotions. Now, the film is heading back to theaters, only this time it’s going to look a little different.

Logan director James Mangold announced on Twitter that for one night only, Logan would be coming to screens in black and white.

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Mangold’s tweet said, “Suggestion. Hard core B&W loving LOGAN fans should not make any plans on the evening of May 16th.”

The black-and-white version will also be available on the DVD and Blu-ray extras, though Mangold suggests that the theatrical version will be much better.

In another tweet Mangold described the process to convert a film to black and white writing, “In convert to b&w, one must determine which hues go dark/light, adjust contrast, blacks. Turning down color on tv just makes gray mush.”

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