New Jersey hip hop duo The Peanut Gallery imbues R&B and soul into their rap style on single release, “Time Flies By”

"Time Flies By" Cover Art, The Peanut Gallery

New Jersey hip hop duo The Peanut Gallery is releasing a brand new single, “Time Flies By.”  This is the second single that will be coming from their upcoming album, Tales From The Basement. 

Originally having started out with 5 members (Party of 5ive), the group soon dwindled to 2 members due to differences and started branching out after work on the album started.  After the group became 2 members, they decided to re-brand themselves as “The Peanut Gallery,” by simply being themselves.

Comprised of Orlando, a college and prep school graduate who enlisted in the Army and Flee Jones, a heavily tattooed gangster from the inner streets of New Jersey who uses music as an outlet, The Peanut Gallery are bringing to you their brand of hip-hop music that intersects an R&B sound with a soulful vibe.

This is definitely the case for their latest single, “Time Flies By.”  The single is encased by a classic R&B feel with old school hip hop in the mixture. Filled with bouncy beats and invigorating electronics, the energized sound follows through with an enthused vibe.  Upbeat and catchy, the feel-good sounds comes with a vibrant message about utilizing your time wisely.  There is definitely a positive vibe to this track filled with unique vocals.  A great flow segues into the message of the track, pulsating with buoyant beats.

Distinctly a throw-back to some 90’s R&B and classic hip hop, The Peanut Gallery has created a unique sound with their energized electronics and inspirational breaks.  Culminating with a bold vibe, the duo plan to release their project, Tales From The Basement, later this year.

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