Positivity key to beating cancer and new app from Pfizer can help [INTERVIEW]

A new survey that took place in fall 2017 from Pfizer that discusses important things that people may not immediately considered as being vital to getting through cancer.  A good medical team is essential, along with financial resources and a great treatment plan, but keeping a positive attitude and having a loving support network are as important to the 15 million Americans living with cancer.

Just ask Cynthia Malaran, breast cancer survivor and advocate for the This Is Living With Cancer app.

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Ninety percent of people diagnosed with this disease report that the diagnosis causes people to re-prioritize their lives and think about what really is important.

The survey, reported on the answers of 1009 patients also reported the following:

  • 76 percent of patients believe a positive outlook is essential to living with cancer
  • 83 percent felt inspired to make positive changes post-diagnosis.
  • More than half said that having cancer allowed them to discover their true selves or the “real me.”

That is where the new program, This Is Living With Cancer mobile tool or app comes into play.

The survey went into detail about unspoken needs that cancer patients aren’t always quick to address including scheduling problems, getting emotional support and the desire of many struggling with cancer to build a community with others who are going through the same thing.

Cynthia Malaran spoke with Michelle Tompkins for TheCelebrityCafe.com about her personal journey, what compelled her to join the This Is Living With Cancer Program, how it can help people cope with their diagnosis and disease, where you can get more information and more.

See the full interview here:

Cynthia Malaran advises anyone with cancer to download the This Is Living With Cancer app on your smart phone and get more information here.

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