Valentine’s Day gift guide for foodies

Coolest Foodie Gifts of the Year


OK, there is nothing cooler than an spill-proof, insulated stainless steel martini/margarita glass.  The Chasertini by ORCA (Outdoor Recreation Company of America) is just awesome.  It is beautiful, functional and very hard to spill.  The unique tail flip top lid seals your drink in and keeps in chilled til the last sip.  These glasses make people very happy and are a definite conversation starter.  The sell for $24.99 and you can get these fun items here.


ORCA Chasertini


Face Rock Creamery

A great cheese set is sure to set a wonderfully romantic tone.  Face Rock Creamery was founded in Oregon in 2013 and has been Founded in May 2013, Face Rock Creamery has been earning national acclaim and followers with its wonderful handmade cheeses and beautiful gift sets.  They have two sets perfect for Valentine’s Day:  The Cheese Flight Box that has multiple versions of their signature cheddar cheese for $35 and Sweet Serendipity has a variety of yummy cheeses as well as Apricot Honey Fromage Blanc and other goodies.  Get your gift box from Face Rock Creamery here.


Face Rock Creamery Sweet Serendipity

Smith & Wollensky Knives

People who love a good steak know that having a good set of steak knives makes the experience even better.  The team at Smith & Wollensky partnered with esteemed knife-maker Zwilling J.A. Henckels to design custom steak knives that are as beautiful as they are fun to use.  This four piece set may be purchased for $125 here.


Smith & Wollensky Henckels Knife Set


Himalayan Salt Block

Sometimes having an exciting new place to plate a culinary masterpiece makes all the difference.  This Himalayan Salt Block can be used for cooking a dish as well as presenting it.  These run about $30 and can be found here.

AirFryer Oven

This one awesome device can replace a deep fryer, rotisserie oven, dehydrator, oven, toaster oven, pizza maker and microwave. This AirFryer Oven from Tristar Products is good-looking, compact and is portable.  It also comes with a useful recipe book.  Since it doesn’t use a lot of oil when frying, you don’t need to worry about getting rid of yucky grease after you use it.   It is priced under $160 from places like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

Note:  I couldn’t get enough of this one and I was originally a bit skeptical, but the AirFryer works and you don’t notice the difference from its deep fried half-siblings.  However, the best use is to reheat things that would normally be handled in a microwave.  The AirFryer keeps the integrity of the items put in it and does it in just about the same time as a microwave.  It is a great multitasking gift for the person who loves cool, yet useful kitchen gizmos.

AirFryer Oven

Valentine’s Day gift guide for foodies from aims to be helpful and entertaining.  What would be your ideal Valentine’s Gift that is food related?

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