Top 20 stoner movies you definitely should watch on National Weed Day

If you’re a stoner, then you know that your THC level will be at its “highest” peak this week. That’s right folks 4/20 a.k.a. National Weed Day is approaching.

We know there are a few plans on every stoner’s list for this prestigious holiday such as get high, eat, get high again, eat, get even higher and eat again.

stoner movies
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It is expected that you will be too high too function, but you’ll definitely be in the mood for some good laughs. That’s why we’ve rounded up some hilarious flicks that will relate to your state of mind that day.

Not a stoner? Well, you don’t have to be for these movies. We’ve included comedies and cartoon flicks that are sure to give everyone a few laughs.

Your munchies level is going to go through the roof on this day, so hurry to your nearest grocery store and grab every single snack in the snack aisle then roll up your joint, light up your bowl and enjoy these “highly” recommended films.

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