Daniel Radcliffe

Born: July 23, 1989
Birthplace: Fulham, United Kingdom

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was born on July 23, 1989 in Fulham, UK. Radcliffe is an actor who is best known for his role as Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Radcliffe first started gaining interest in acting at the age of five. By age ten, Radcliffe scored the role of David Copperfield for BBC's program David Copperfield.

Radcliffe got his big break from starring as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It is reported that Radcliffe made a seven figure salary for the first film. The actor continued his role as the boy wizard for a total of eight films, spanning from 2001-2011.

Following the conclusion of the Harry Potter films, Radcliffe took his talents to Broadway, starring in the controversial play Equus. The actor shocked fans when it was announced that he would be nude in several scenes of the play. In the end, Radcliffe received positive reviews for his work. Radcliffe also made headlines when in 2010, he revealed that he has stopped drinking alcohol, saying he has found himself to be too reliant on it.

After his stint in Equus Radcliffe starred in The Woman in Black in 2012, and then went back to Broadway to star in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for ten months.

Radcliffe has most recently been romantically linked to Erin Darke, a costar of his in the upcoming film Kill Your Darlings.

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