Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a superhero in the Marvel movies, but in reality he is a superstar. He goes by a few names like RDJ, Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes as of late, but through the actor's long and troubled career he has played some amazing characters.

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He got his start in film thanks to his father, Robert Downey Sr. His father was an underground film director and would use Downey in some of his films. Downey’s first film credit was from his father’s movie, Pound.

Early on in his career, Downey developed a drug problem. The actor ended up in prison a few times because of drugs and was unsuccessful with rehab. His famous problems with drugs and the law cost him a number of roles that could have catapulted a young actor like Downey into stardom.

In the 2000s, Downey got a second chance at acting. In 2004 he went on Oprah to talk about his drug problem and promised Hollywood and his fans that he was ready to work on movies again. He was right.

Since 2007, when Downey got the career changing role as Tony Stark in Iron Man, his career has been taking flight. He’s being quoted saying that Iron Man and he are "destiny." Since the start of Iron Man, Downey has made two sequels and was the center piece of the assemble cast of Marvel’s The Avengers.

He has also starred in another movie franchise as the famous Sherlock Holmes. Two have already been made with talks of a third one in the works.

Downey and his wife have also started their own production company called Team Downey.

During his long career, Downey has been nominated for countless awards while walking away with a couple. He has won a Golden Globe three times, a SAG statue once and has been nominated twice for an Oscar.

Robert Downey Jr. can next be seen in the summer blockbuster, Iron Man 3.

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