Ryan Gosling

Born: November, 12, 1980
Birthplace: London, Canada

Had Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling been chosen as the 2011 Sexiest Man Alive, it would have been the second year in a row that a Canadian named Ryan won the title. Bradley Cooper ended up being the winner, but Gosling fans were so mad they protested and started an online petition to have the decision overturned by People.

According to Wikipedia, Gosling was born in London, Ontario, Canada on November 12, 1980 to Mormon parents. After his parents divorced, Gosling was raised with his older sister Mandi by their mother. His first taste of fame was as a child star on the Mickey Mouse Club with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Keri Russell. When the show was canceled, Gosling returned to Canadian television. During childhood, Gosling was diagnosed with ADD and was home-schooled for a year. He dropped out of high school at 17 to focus on acting.

Gosling first achieved mainstream movie star status in The Notebook with Rachel McAdams. The romantic story spilled over into real life when the co-stars got together. They split in 2008. Gosling has since continued to act, play music and co-owns a restaurant called Tagine in Beverly Hills. He lives in New York City.

Gosling earned an Oscar nomination for Half Nelson (2006). In 2011, he starred in The Ides of March and Drive. Upcoming projects include Gangster Squad, Logan's Run and a film with Terrence Malcik.


Born November 12, 1980.

Birthplace Ontario, Canada

Ryan Gosling was boring with an 'acting bug' and can be seen in his early years on shows such as Goosebumps and Are you Afraid of the Dark?. Gosling grew up being bullied in high school and was put into special needs classes due to him being diagnosed with ADHD. One day Gosling was inspired by the movie First Blood and brought steak knives to school and threw them at the kids at recess. He was suspended for this. Gosling's mother took him out of school and home schooled him for a year, which he much preferred to the actual thing. He dropped out before his senior year of high school to really focus on his acting career. Gosling is now one of the most popular and talked about celebrities of this generation, and has been in a number of both mainstream and independent films.

His first starring role was in an independent feature called The Believer, where he played a Jewish Neo-Nazi who comes to find himself and change his ways. He got mainstream success after his performance in the adaptation of the wildly popular Nicolas Sparks' novel The Notebook. Gosling then went on to receive an Academy Award nomination for best actor as a drug addicted teacher in Half Nelson.

Dead Man's Bones
In 2007 Ryan Gosling formed the indie rock band Dead Man's Bones. While not quite as successful as his acting career Dead Man's Bones still has one full length album out that had a good outcome. Gosling and his musical partner Zach Shields have shown inklings to make second album.

Directorial Debut
In May of 2013 Gosling to the life behind the camera in his first directorial outing in How to Catch a Monster in which he also wrote. How to Catch a Monster is a neo-noir/fantasy film starring Christina Hendricks, Matt Smith, Saoirse Ronan and Eva Mendes and is slated for release in 2014.

1997 Frankenstein and Me
1999 The Unbelievables
2000 Remember the Titans
2001 The Believer
2002 Murder by Numbers
2002 The Slaughter Rule
2003 The United States of Leland
2004 The Notebook
2005 Stay
2006 Half Nelson
2007 Fracture
2007 Lars and the Real Girl
2010 Blue Valentine
2010 All Good Things
2011 Crazy, Stupid, Love
2011 Drive
2011 The Ides of March
2013 Gangster Squad
2013 The Place Beyond the Pines
2013 Only God Forgives

image: Wikimedia Commons

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