The Truth About Forever

By Casey Blackwell,
In the wake of her father's death, Macy learns that sometimes order can come from the chaos.
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Macy Queen's life has changed forever. One fateful December day, as she hurried to catch up with her dad on his morning run, she turned a corner and came face-to-face with her father, sprawled on the sidewalk as a stranger gave him CPR. An ambulance ride and a lifetime later, Macy's father was gone and she was 'the girl who saw her dad die.'

That's when she met Jason, a brainiac and the closest a mortal can come to perfection. His orderly ways were just what Macy thought she needed to put the pieces of her life back together. When Jason leaves for Brain Camp, Macy doesn't know how she's going to hold it together all summer, and when he suggests that they 'take a break' after she tells him she loves him, Macy nearly loses the control she's worked so hard to gain.

Fate intervenes in the form of Wish Catering. The chaotic crew is the antithesis of everything Macy's life has become, which turns out to be just what Macy needs. However, Macy's workaholic mother doesn't approve of Wish and especially not of Wes, the gorgeous boy that Macy bonds with over a childhood game of Truth, and who also happens to be a fantastic artist and a former juvenile delinquent.

As Macy tries to break through her mother's protective wall and bring their family back together, she comes to realize what the chaos of her job at Wish and her relationship with Wes mean to her and that maybe, just maybe, Jason's ordered perfection isn't what she needs to hold the pieces together after all.

Sarah Dessen's 'The Truth About Forever' is a bittersweet look at many of life's questions. She thoughtfully examines death and perfection, love and loss, family and forever. Every reader can relate to the story and Dessen's writing is insightful and touching, while capturing the reader's attention till the very last page. Even though the book is written for teens and from a teenage perspective, it resonates with readers of every age.


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