Storyville Interview

INTERVIEW WITH STORYVILLE FROM ARCHIVES Recently released on November Records in the debut album…

Walter Trout Interview

Walter Trout, of Canned Heat, BBC Guitarist, friend of Elton John and Jimmie Page. This has certainly been one of our best interviews.

Ann Rule Interview

Ann talks about her mystery/crime novels, her writings, her personal life and her experience with Ted Bundy.

Donna Barr Inteview

Did Erwin Rommel have a gay brother? Well, no, but Donna Barr has been writing comics about World War II from the most unusual of perspectives. She discusses the different points of view of WWII from the German side to the America side.

Gild Interview

INTERVIEW WITH GILD FROM ARCHIVES DM) Which of the tracks on this album are…

Janis Elko Interview

Janis Elko has come a long way from singing in front of frat boys in the local bar. Her newest album with Brutus Bit Me is selling more and more, due in no small part to her Melissa Etheridge-like vocals.

Belloluna Interview

John Brand, singer/songwriter of the modern jazz band, Belloluna talks about the influence of everybody from Supertramp to Mel Torme… Jazz, rock and roll and of course his career in the music industry.

Kimberla Roby Interview

INTERVIEW WITH KIMBERLA ROBY FROM ARCHIVES DM) In your book, how closely are the…

Paxton Interview

Paxton has turned his life from tragedy to success in a matter of a few years. He went from living on the street, homeless, to touring the country and releasing his second album. Paxton talks to us about this dramatic change in his life.