Bloodhound Gang Interview

Lupus of The Bloodhound Gang talks about his music, who he has offended, his life, and his history as a German/Russian teacher.

Iain Harvey Interview

Iain Harvey, guitarist for Del Amitri, talks about the creative songwriting process, his guitar influences, and his last dream before this tour.

Jackie Collins Interview

When people say the name Jackie Collins, they inevitably think of music, right? Got you! The best-selling romance author has released a ‘soundtrack’ to her latest literary works. She tells us a little bit about them and a bit about her theories on fame and Hollywood.

Smithereens Interview

In-depth with Jim Babjak of The Smithereens and Buzzed Meg. Learn about the success of The Smithereens with such hits as ‘Too Much Passion’, ‘Lola’ and ‘You Really Got Me Now’

Kathleen York Interview

Kathleen York has led two lives… one as recording artist Bird York and the other as an actress in numerous tv/movie specials and on the television show, ‘The West Wing.’

Exploding Boy Interview

INTERVIEW WITH EXPLODING BOY FROM ARCHIVES DM) What is your songwriting process? MP) If…

Ralph Covert Interview

Ralph Covert, of Ralph Covert and the Bad Examples talks about his gigs, rock and roll and his music

Rodney Anonymous Interview

Who else would you expect Rodney Anonymous from the Dead Milkmen (of the hit Punk Rock Girl fame), but Wink Martindale? Rodney shows us that there’s life after being in one of the best most successful punk bands of all time.