Boomtang Boys Interview

From Toronto, Canada, the Boomtang Boys have been conquering the Canadian dance chart. Tony Grace answers a few questions about the dance music scene.

Zelfe Interview

INTERVIEW WITH ZELFE FROM ARCHIVES DM) How much of your influence does the different…

Alfonso Ribiero Interview

Alfonso talks a bit about his career from The Tap Dance Kid to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Your Big Break. He also tells us his thoughts on success in the entertainment industry and the difference between being seen for a role and being seen for yourself.

Tina Yothers Interview

While Tina Yothers was brought to our attention by starring on television’s hit show, ‘Family Ties’, Tina’s passion has always been her music. In this interview, Tina talks about her music and her positive attitude on dealing with any criticism she’s received from being in the spotlight.

Raffi Interview

Children’s performer, Raffi tells us about his views on raising children and how and why they should be respected as individuals. He also describes a bit on why he loves what he does.

James Wilder Interview

While James Wilder is most well known for his work on Melrose Place, he also has had quite an artistic career besides that. He’s done everything from being a street performer, to performing in France, to stage, television and film. Even with such a busy life, in his spare time he builds his own cars and house too!

Reverend Horton Heat Interview

No, he’s not a religious spiritual leader but one of the best selling blues/rock-a-billy bands touring the country. His cds have been at the top of the college charts continually and his concerts almost always sell out.

Max Weinberg Interview

Max Weinberg is currently leading his own band on television’s ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’, but he also keeps himself busy with a new CD, and has recently come off a tour with Bruce Springsteen, as a member of the E-Street band. Max tells us about this adventure, in addition to his experiences working on the two best-selling rock albums of all time.

Chuck Mangione Interview

So what has Chuck Mangione, done since ‘Feels So Good’ became a number one hit in the 1970’s? Well, just a few dozen records, TV appearances, and of course he’s released two albums in the past two years. Other then that the jazz master has taken it pretty easy.