Dufus Interview

INTERVIEW WITH DUFUS FROM ARCHIVES DM) Why did you choose the name “Dufus” for…

Holly Figueroa Interview

INTERVIEW WITH HOLLY FIGUEROA FROM ARCHIVES DM) How did you get your start in music? HF) After…

Alan Roubik Interview

Becoming “a car audiophile nut” while in high school, Alan Roubik listened to the best sounding music on his favorite stereo equipment, which included classical music and the jazz fusion music of Dave Grusin, Victor Feldman, and James Newton Howard.

Dan Israel Interview

INTERVIEW WITH DAN ISRAEL FROM ARCHIVES DM) Where did you come up with the name The…

Grady Booch Interview

INTERVIEW WITH GRADY BOOCH FROM ARCHIVES DM) How would you explain the “Booch” method in layman terms?…

Phadrah Torelle Interview

An interview with Phadrah Torelle, incredibly beautiful Christian Music singer from Down Under ‘Australia’! Phadrah talks about religon, sexuality, music and more

Nick Thompson Interview

INTERVIEW WITH NICK THOMPSON FROM ARCHIVES DM) Do you still study guitar? NT) I haven’t had formal…

Lars Mattsson Interview

INTERVIEW WITH LARS MATTSSON FROM ARCHIVES DM) Where did you learn to play guitar? LM) I was…

David Michael Ross Interview

David Michael Ross, new-age recording artist, talks about his Guitaro, his album Browser Barbarians, and recording albums in MPEG format.

Rick Monroe Interview

Rick Monroe, talks about his family life, his influences, and the fact that he runs Divorce Records.