By Drew Mulkins,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

These Arms Are Snakes is an artistic and interesting post-hardcore band from Seattle. The phrase post-hardcore is an interesting one you will see a lot in reference to this band. In a way it kind of says it all; they are coming from Seattle, but their music isn't the same as the music that city is best known for. But in a way it is. To me, this band kind of sounds like Sound Garden, but with a more artistic and more mature sound, like if Sound Garden had stayed together and made music for another 10 years, this is what the last album in those 10 years might sound like. There is a lot to the album; it mixes industrial elements with rock guitar and punk vocals. The end product is something new, this band creates a sound, which could almost be defined as a new genre, beyond post-hardcore; they are grinding and angry with a touch of fragile humanity. There is no word for it per say maybe Pulsar, but that's a term I just made up so I could classify this music. This band could be the second coming of the new Seattle sound. They really bring a sort of energy that is distinctive and memorable. This is the sort of album that starts strong and never lets up; every track has a sort of grinding power that bears down on the listener and creates a full and rich atmosphere of angst and anger. This is a powerful and beautifully constructed album that should not be over looked.


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