Radio Moscow

By Sari N. Kent,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Radio Moscow's self-titled album is a throbbing set of songs that are sure to get listeners charged and ready to party. The first track has drums and electric guitar for a funky sound. The second track continues with the drums and wicked electric guitar riffs but adds autocratic lyrics such as, "No, don't sit down to that destructive sound. Too many years always bringin' me down, I can do what I'm doin'." The third track has searing drum play and oscillating electric guitar riffs that will rev up anyone willing to listen. The fourth track is a divergence from the previous tracks. It has what sounds like acoustic guitar mixed with percussion for a country twist to what is chiefly a rock album. The fifth track begins with low sounding chords from the electric guitar but kick in with harder sounding notes and then drums enter the scene now and then as a pick-me-up. It has lyrics like, "Pack your bags, hit the road." Radio Moscow's self-titled album is a rocker's dream album intermixed with some rarities that one wouldn't generally find on a predominately rock album.


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