Four Cold Angels

By John Berkowitz,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Four Cold Angels is the new release from Lorraine Leckie and Her Demons. The fresh diversity ripens into a glorious set of tracks that doesn't wander off on tangents as it still has the basics and then branches off. Lorraine sets her grasp on a myriad of styles with the tinkering humming of the harmonica for that soothing country song to the hard rock steady guitar and banging drums for that good old fashioned rock n roll.

Some artists tend to create a series of songs that end up following the same formula resulting in a bland repetitive sound for an hour. Four Cold Angels starts slow and with a grand build and an introduction of variation that snowballs into a poignant sound coming full circle at its conclusion.

There's sort of a European punk rhythm ingrained in the vocals that really give it a bouncy feel. The lyrics are certainly intriguing and thought provoking right from the start as it doesn't delve into the standard lovesick numbers. The opening song is about a getaway car after the convincing swaying of knocking a place off.

Lorraine Leckie and Her Demons offer an offbeat take and a real curveball that whizzes by bringing a kooky smile to your face. Even the closing track has a hint of Irish sentiment. Four Cold Angels has chants and praises of obscurity, which is new to hear. For the most part, it has a prancing and giddy feel to it that may ease into a leisurely stroll during the slower tracks. Lorraine and the gang whip up a whopper of tracks that sparks the imagination.


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