SimAnimals Soundtrack

By Michael Pascua,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

The SimAnimals Soundtrack was created by Winifred Phillips, composer of several video game soundtracks like God of War. Unlike many soundtracks, SimsAnimals can stand strongly by itself without needing to play the game for visual or character support. Each track immediately immerses the listener into a magical world where everything is possible. Winifred Phillips doesn't stray too far away from other Sims based soundtracks, but creates a soundtrack that fits in cannon with its brethren.

I loved the combination between the light hearted and the ominous tracks. I was impressed by most of the tracks, but several stood out. Opening with the "SimAnimals Theme" helps set the stage for the game and soundtrack. "Trailhead" takes the Sims musical score and infuses the outdoors. Both "Happy Place" and "Orchard Playground" are playful and energetic. All tracks burst with childhood innocence where everything is possible. I absolutely loved "Foggy Wallow" and how you feel like you're drifting down a river. The sounds of water and the animal noises add a degree of complexity on top of the beautiful composition. Nothing overpowers, even with so many elements playing.

Although most of the tracks are less than two minutes, two that are three minutes help end the soundtrack: "Quality Time" and "Forrest Song." With "Quality Time" I can visualize a mother taking care of her children. "Forrest Song" is a wonderful way to end the album, it leaves the listener on such a positive note.

The album itself has similar piano/string combinations with The Sims. The large difference between the two is Animals has a more natural, organic sound. One can hear a Celtic influence along with a little bit of Wild West. Although the soundtrack suffers from a little bit of disjointedness from track to track (especially between "Friendship" and "Hard Times"), it can't be helped because the game goes through several different environments. It's great to hear that environment has it's own little quirk.

Winifred Phillips is an author of fantasy books and I can connect her musical taste with her fantasy writing. There is a strong sense of wonder and imagination listening to this soundtrack. The music of SimAnimals can create some interesting visuals. When I listened to this album, I had a strong connection to theme park music, especially Disney-based parks where they believe in immersion of the guest. In tracks like "Forrest Song" and "Grassy Glen" I feel like I'm swooping past a lush green valley in a cinematic fashion. Movies like Bambi and A Bug's Life come to mind when listening. The whole soundtrack had this beautiful ambiance to it where I almost forgot there was music playing.

The SimAnimals Soundtrack is a great album to have playing anytime. It's hard for some soundtracks to create an emotional tie with the listener, but SimsAnimals immediately grabs your hand and takes you on an adventure. The soundtrack will invigorate you to get up and see life. If you're afraid that Winifred Phillips would create something like the God of War soundtrack, don't be. The album from beginning to end feels like a pleasant romp in the forest.

TRACK LIST1. SimAnimals Theme 2:042. Trailhead 2:353. Free Play 2:064. World In Need 1:055. Dry Gulch 1:256. Grassy Glen 1:557. Castle Ridge 2:178. Friendship 3:02 9. Hard Times 2:12 10. Happy Place 1:0211. Orchard Playground 2:3612. Danger Woods 1:3713. Foggy Wallow 1:0914. Absolutely Positive 1:0115. Woodlands 1:4316. Perfect World 1:0317. Misty Bog 1:2318. Quality Time 3:0719. Forest Song (End Credits) 2:44


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