Close Your Eyes

By JC Chute,
Author Rating: 
3.0 Stars - It's Good

Mary Jenson's "Close Your Eyes" offers listeners a variety of song stylings to choose from, from more uptempo jazz numbers to slower and more sultry renditions of classic standards, all of which combine to make for a satisfying final result.

While several of the tracks could be a bit stronger in terms of the song choices, and the way in which the vocals are delivered, especially in the early tracks such as "Gigi," toward the end it rebounds nicely, and Ms. Jenson manages to deliver some good emotional punches.

The most notable among these is "Besame Mucho," which features a lovely opening done in classical Spanish guitar style, and on which the singer's vocal style is the perfect complement to the seductive nature of the song.

Although this CD starts off slowly, with some bumps along the way initially, it gradually finds its way as it progresses, and evolves into a lovely collection of tracks, as performed by an adept professional vocalist. Worth a listen!


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