A Fine Mess

By Ashley Welch,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

For teenage girls, Kate Voegele is the epitome of cool. For everyone else, she is an exceptionally talented artist who knows how to sing her heart out and rock out on the guitar.

The 22-year-old singer/song writer/actress found fame on the teenage drama One Tree Hill, on the CW, where she plays an up-and-coming singer. Voegele sings many of her own songs on the show and has established a stable fan base from it.

Voegele's first album, "Don't Look Away," was released January 2008 and quickly hit number four on the iTunes album chart and hit the Top Ten on Billboard's Independent and Digital Albums chart.

Her follow up album, "A Fine Mess," (Interscope Records), available for $2.99 on MySpace Music through Amazon MP3, continues to display her stunning vocal abilities and wide range of musical capabilities as she plays both guitar and piano.

Strong songs include the angst-driven "99 times," and inspirational tunes "Sweet Silver Lining" and "Lift Me Up." Voegele makes you feel her emotions, whether they are anger, sadness, happiness or hope, through her passionate lyrics, which she pens herself. In addition, Voegele's songs are easily relatable for fans of all ages. Anyone can undoubtedly connect with the struggle she describes in the chorus of "Sweet Silver Lining:"

"So many people are looking to me to be strong and to fight
but I'm just surviving.


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