The Fame

By Gina Ferrara,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Pop stars sure have changed a lot since the late '90s. In the heyday of young musicians, pop idols like Britney Spears and Mandy Moore advertised themselves as wholesome girls and role models for their preteen fans. Lady Gaga is quite the opposite. In her debut album, she sings freely of sex, a rich party life and fame--the latter giving way to the title of her raucous album. Music videos for hits like "Poker Face" and "Paparazzi" show Gaga's strong emphasis on high fashion and decadent styling, as well as her favoritism for buzzy synths, fed by her life's work as a pianist. Although Gaga's songs (mostly self-written) may not have much (or any) substance, there's no denying that her knack for hustling an infectious beat and making overexposure look fabulous is working.


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