American Propoganda

INCOMING! The RKG grenade landed right next to Lieutenant Sevier. As he laid on the ground with his life flashing before his eyes, the insurgent's explosive unexpectedly did not detonate that day in Mosul Iraq. If it had, it would have been over. He would have died with the music inside of him. But what was meant for death brought life to musical aspirations that cultivated into the progressive electronic band, American Propaganda.

Sevier says, "none of the things I've done in the past defines me. All of these things are only one part of who I am. My experiences have definitely made me an artist with something to say." Sevier commingles his art with charitable projects. His intent is to give nearly every dollar the band earns to support outreach programs that help the poor and disadvantaged.

Proceeds will be assigned to Christian organizations that work in Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua, Africa, and parts of the U.S. "My music aspirations more about an at having a positive impact than demonstration of narcissistic delusions of grandeur." he says. "No one can deny the healing propensities of art, and I believe that those qualities should extend to more than myself. I'm not sure what my efforts will yield, but that will not stop me from trying."

Sevier's drive, work ethic, and prolific songwriting capabilities are a force to be reckoned with. American Propaganda recorded over 80 songs in one year and made 20 music videos. The band's first record, "Battle" consist of stellar electronic rock tracks that stretches genres into new directions. Every song on the record is an sonic eruption of perfection, incorporating influences to include Deadmau5, Foster the People, Duran Duran, and Pearl Jam. With catchy choruses and the most modern sounds the record is poised to be a timeless masterpiece.

Sevier says, "Most of the obvious musical ideas (a.k.a low hanging fruit) have been taken already, and for artist to break through 'the great unwash' these days, they have to be real artist. American Propaganda promises that if you follow them, they "will lead you to personal victory," while reminding you that "defiance is not un-America." Enlist in this musical journey.

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12/12/2012 - 12/31/2012

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