The Best Things You Can Eat by David Grotto, RD, LDN

Is an orange or a guava the best source of vitamin C? Is farm-raised or wild salmon higher in omega-3 fats? If you’ve always wondered what foods to turn to when you need more fiber in your diet or which foods you can count on when you’ve got an upset stomach, The Best Things You Can Eat has the answers, and even a few surprises. Registered Dietitian and bestselling author David Grotto draws on the latest nutritional and scientific research to assemble the most authoritative compilation of food rankings ever produced. Here are just some of the useful lists you’ll find inside:

* 8 Best Foods for Lowering Cholesterol * Top 6 Foods to Control Your Blood Pressure * 7 Best Foods for Stopping Bad Breath * 5 Best Foods to Slow Down Aging * Top 5 Foods for Numbing Aches and Pains * Top 5 Foods to Battle Cold and Flu * Top 8 Cancer-Fighting Foods…and more than 50 others!

The Best Things You Can Eat by David Grotto, RD, LDN

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