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Prodigious and prolific emcee James Sobers, known professionally as BluRum13, has had an iconic career as a solo artist and a collaborative artist. He’s released two solo albums, done over 1,000 shows, and worked with such luminaries as Us3, One Self, Reverse Engineering, Bullfrog, the Russian Percussion, Resin Dogs, Ez3kiel, Groundworks, True Ingredients, and The Funginears. His legacy is celebrated in St. Petersburg in the form of a mural immortalizing his likeness after BluRum13 toured the country with One Self.

It’s been a dazzling and dizzying career trajectory heightened in the last 6 years by fan demand for a new solo album. Behind the scenes, BluRum13 took time off to creatively recharge. In this time he experimented with drum and bass and electronica, and sought inspiration in the revolutionary evolutionary philosophies in Zecharia Sitchin’s The 12th Planet and in the writings and teachings of Lloyd Pye. The lesson learned: Art that truly connects with the outside world comes from within, free from any expectations or music biz demands. Fittingly, BluRum13’s latest, Inverted, is a masterwork of kaleidoscopic creativity.

1 CD
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12/13/2013 - 1/12/2014

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