BodyMedia CORE Armband

BodyMedia FIT armbands track the wearer’s calorie burn, physical activity duration, steps taken, and sleep duration and efficiency through four built-in sensors that capture over 5,000 physiological data points per minute. The companion online Activity Managerstores that information, allows users to set goals and document daily food intake, and recommends activity and dietary adjustments based on each user’s actual calorie expenditure and food intake to aid in weight control. A mobile app makes key data from the Activity Manager available by smartphone in near-real time to help users track their daily progress and make decisions on the go. The platform has been clinically proven to bolster weight loss efforts and clinically validated for accuracy.

Features include:

  • A complete report of progress toward weight loss and fitness goals, including calories burned, number of steps taken, time spent in moderate and vigorous activity, and minute by minute profiles of activity level throughout the day and night.
  • A calorie consumption calculator allows users to log food by pulling from a database of over 30,000 food items or by creating new recipes or personalized items. It also saves frequently used foods so they can easily be picked out for the next time. This helps to track exactly how much food users are consuming and also breaks down the macro and micronutrients in their meals so that they can get information on the nutritional quality of their diet.
  • A sleep analysis tool provides a sleep efficiency score to show users how long it took them to fall asleep and provides a profile of their sleep wake cycle throughout the night.
  • Accurate graphs of user data to help understand where they are tracking against their goals, run reports to look at their data over time, and perform nutritional assessments. All of these tools help users make meaningful changes to stay on-track.
  • BodyMedia FIT coach provides personalized feedback based on individual consumer sensor data and goals that are available through the online Activity Manager.
  • The intelligent feedback engine feature includes the users’ projected daily energy expenditure to predict how a user is tracking against their calorie burn target and provides personalized comments/tips for reaching fitness goals if a user is falling behind.
  • Also, the newest version of the Activity Manager includes the option to import and display heart rate data from select 3rd party heart rate monitors (Garmin devices).


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