Book Giveaway: "Gates of Power" by Nomi Bachar

We all know we’re busy. That’s no surprise.

Work with all of its complexities and demands has become a full time, 24 hour commitment. We no longer feel like we have space for the things and people we truly love. Not only that, but these things we love are often muddied by the countless choices, to-dos, and technicalities we juggle everyday.
Summer is that one time we allow ourselves to take the vacation we've been dreaming of. We might tell ourselves “This weekend. No cell phones. No work email. Just time for me.”

But why does it take something as superficial as a change in temperature before we allow ourselves the just relaxation we deserve all along. This period of rest is something we all deserve, no, actually need daily. Without this rest our lives are out of balance and our spirit feels imprisoned by countless to-dos we can never hope to entirely complete.

Can you imagine a life without summer? At least we are given one legitimate period to reconnect with our playful selves.

Summer is here. Nomi Bachar's "Gates of Power" is an easy read to help you make Summer last all year round.

Isn't it interesting that we forget that we are here in this life temporarily? We might not be here tomorrow. Our moments are precious, but we’re not living them fully. We are doing things automatically, half asleep, taking life for granted.

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6/1/2014 - 6/30/2014

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