CD Giveaway: diNMachine "Dance to Reason"

diNMachine's Dance to Reason is a boldly creative album, spanning dense ambient layers, hypnotic grooves, shards of noise, a music as art/music as humor paradigm and gorgeous dance floor bliss. The whimsical Lpse addresses the man/woman thing with cleverly placed TV ad samples and an arrangement arc focused on moments of sensual tension and release. The taut grooves on Telepath intriguingly and tangentially reference Afro-beat legend Fela Kuti. "Sometimes I will latch onto an element or riff from somewhere and it becomes the inspiration for a song. The outward influence becomes buried, but there's a spiritual connection guiding the track," Michael J. Schumacher says. The rapturous 5th Bass is a glorious rock anthem channeled through diNMachine's distinct sonic imprint of technical and technological ecstasy.

1 CD
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2/15/2014 - 3/17/2014

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