CD Giveaway: Jackpot, Tiger "Jackpot, Tiger"

Win Brooklyn based band Jackpot, Tiger's new self-titled sophomore release.

Unlike their debut "Chemistry Night", which was recorded over the span of three days, "Jackpot, Tiger" has been nearly two years in the making, recorded back and forth between Moon Lab Studios in Brooklyn, NY and Frisbie Studios in New York, NY. This album marks an entirely different approach from the fast, spastic energy of the first record, resulting in a denser and layered sound, but still holding on to their pop sensibility.

Jackpot, Tiger’s influences merge the classic songwriting traditions of artists such as Brian Wilson, Big Star, and Joni Mitchell with raucous 90’s power-pop (a la Pavement, Weezer). All four members – Claire McGinley, Eryck Tait, Kevin McGinley and Alex Kahn - switch instruments and roles constantly, even during their live shows, keeping the audience on their toes. Kahn, Claire McGinley, and Tait share songwriting responsibilities, creating lyrics and songs that shift through three unique perspectives while funneled through the same machine that is Jackpot, Tiger.

"Highlighted by a '60s-style chorus, buoyant melodies, and a thoroughly desperate protagonist, the single (‘Caught In Love’) fully represents what the band does so well: straight-up pop music." - Bedford+Bowery (New York Magazine)

“These are songs that emit a fierce warm glow, 35 minutes of lushly-layered pop” - No Ripcord

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6/8/2014 - 7/8/2014

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