CD Giveaway: Mike Delledera Band "Wakeupsidedowntown"

Singer, songwriter, and ace guitarist Mike Delledera’s debut full-length album, WakeUpSideDowntown (Ivy Productions, Inc.), released May 13th, brims with epiphanic genre-bending, virtuoso musicianship, expansive expressiveness, and topnotch songwriting. On it, the Brooklyn-based artist is backed by longtime friends, bandmates and a roster of New York City’s finest young session cats. It’s a masterful debut from an artist on the verge.

The nine-song record showcases an imaginative musical mind capable of fusing bluegrass, swampy funk, stained-glass gospel, and brawny rock with clever song structures, thought-provoking lyrics, pop-rock hooks, and exploratory musicianship. It’s an album enhanced by dynamic background vocals, live horns, cello, violin, and fortified by a powerhouse rhythm section and fearlessly adventurous guitar. Kindred spirits are the Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Steely Dan, Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson. Delledera is a song-focused musician with chops to improvise into the stratosphere and the restraint to keep things earthbound and funky. Relix Magazine has described Delledera’s artistry as a “wild adventure of song, dance and musical imagination.”

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6/22/2014 - 7/15/2014

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