Circle Selling Sales Retreat

Based on the must-read sales book “Circle Selling”, as part of an intimate gathering of 11 other select individuals, Steve Rigby (author of Circle Selling and CEO of New Wings will be lead on a week-long journey of self-discovery that will forever change your paradigm of selling…and just possibly, your purpose in living!

In a non-traditional classroom setting, nestled high on a cliff overlooking the most majestic lake in the Texas Hill Country, through the well-orchestrated use of videos, activities, books, games, and interactive exercises, you will learn the…

 wisdom in discovering your selling strengths…and weaknesses
 value of making your guests (customers) feel important
 key to connecting on a deep and personal level
 importance of asking insightful questions and employing emphatic listening
 insight of knowing what, where, when, and how to share the benefits of your product/service in a way that adds unquestionable value
 simplicity of getting people to say “yes” to what improves their situation.

As a result; sales will increase, selling time will decrease, referrals will go up, cancellations will go down, survey scores will soar, lost sales to competitors will plummet, everyone will have more fun, and no one will be disappointed.

Book, workbooks, manuals, prizes, gifts, horseback riding, sunset cruises, and lasting friendships included. Transportation, lodging, and evening meals extra.

5 Day Sales Retreat in Spicewood, Texas. Retail value is $2600.
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# of Winners: 
Start/End Dates: 
8/23/2014 - 9/7/2014

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