The complete If You Like series from Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group

The If You Like series plays the game of cultural connectivity at a high level. Each book is written by an expert in their field and travels far beyond the expected, unearthing treats that will enlighten even the most jaded couch potato or pop culture vulture. Every volume tackles several genres, so If You Like the Beatles will introduce the reader not just to records, but to movies and TV shows as well, just as the Sopranos and the Monty Python editions of the If You Like series tackle jewels beyond the small screen.

This set of books includes If You Like Quentin Tarantino... by Katherine Rife, If You Like Led Zeppelin... by Dave Thompson, If You Like The Terminator... by Scott Von Doviak, If You Like Metallica... by Mike McPadden, If You Like Monty Python... by Zack Handlen, If You Like the Beatles... by Bruce Pollock, and If You Like The Sopranos... by Leonard Pierce. These books are published by Backbeat Books and Limelight Editions, imprints of Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group.


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1/1/2013 - 1/31/2013

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