Emily Ford's "2:32 a.m." prize pack

After being plagued by strange dreams involving a mysterious man, 17-year-old protagonist Cat Townsend discovers not only do mythological figures such as genies exist, but a particularly powerful one wants to transfer his powers to her. Emily Ford's 2:32 a.m. (The First in the Djinn Master Legacy Series) explores the life of Cat prior to learning about the genie legacy she’s been asked to accept, and the struggle she endures in deciding whether to take on that new life and the overwhelming responsibility that come with it.

One lucky winner will when a copy of Emily's book, and because her protagonist Cat Townsend is a big fan of live music and her brother even has his own band, she's also tagging on a $10 iTunes gift card and 2 tickets to see a local music concert of your choice in your home town!

1 prize pack
# of Winners: 
Start/End Dates: 
11/5/2012 - 11/30/2012

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