EyeDoll Chatter Hello Kissy and My Besties Love Pink eyeshadow and lip gloss kit

EyeDoll Chatter (http://www.eyedollchatter.com) is a new interactive line of mineral makeup kits that let tweens and teens build their own colorful, scented shadows and lip glosses. Better yet, they can share their creations via text, Facebook or Twitter thanks to EyeDoll Chatter’s free iPhone app.

Each of these adorable “it kits” comes with six different components. Eye kits have three all-natural colors and three scented shimmers (think birthday cake, cherry blossom, etc.) made with cosmetic-grade, skin-friendly fragrance. The lip kits have three colored glosses and three scented balms. The idea is to mix and match to your heart’s and your senses’ delight. The looks that can be created range from school-appropriate to party-sensational. And they are all something to talk, text, and tweet about.

EyeDoll Chatter is the brainchild of two Atlanta sisters, one a Smartphone app developer, the other a makeup artist, and their mom. All products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and contain no talcs, dyes, Parabens or other ingredients that can harm and irritate young skin.

1 prize pack of 2 kits
# of Winners: 
Start/End Dates: 
3/1/2013 - 3/31/2013

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