Fiya: Get On

Armed with over three million YouTube hits, 31,000 subscribers, a strong melodic, intuitive writing style and an energetic sound that channels the creative genius of everyone from Chaka Khan to Freddie Mercury and Whitney Houston, FIYA (Fee-yah) is a striking R&B/pop singer-songwriter from the Philadelphia area who is putting her newfound fame to good use.

FIYA wrote and co-produced her new single, “Get On!”, a playful, hip hop and R&B girls anthem that’s sure to make people move. FIYA says even though she loves having fun with her music -- in the studio and on stage -- she also aims to write songs that are meaningful. “I definitely want to be a role model for young girls,” she says. “The songs I write are a representation of my life experiences as a young woman.”

As a child and a teenager, she quietly indulged her passion for music -- and hair. She unleashed and launched two YouTube channels. SafiSings displays her musical talents, and Br0nzeQt serves as a tutorial for all things hair, makeup and fashion. Within months, she had tens of thousands of hits and thousands of subscribers.

A native of Philadelphia, FIYA spent her youth soaking up the soulfulness of the city. The renowned Sound of Philadelphia (i.e. Patti LaBelle, Gamble & Huff) -- and the music that wafted through her house on a regular basis -- seeped into her pores. Whatever she has as a singer, she got it honestly. “I grew up in a musical family,” she says. “My father was a jazz musician and everyone on his side of the family was involved in music in some way. We always had singers and musicians at our house.”

But it would be the singers outside of FIYA’s door who would have a hand in helping her to find her voice; people like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan. “Over the years, I have taken a little piece from each of these influences to fine tune my craft, but if I had to pick one who has influenced me the most, I would say Chaka Khan because we both have big, powerful voices -- and similar hairstyles,” she adds, half-jokingly.


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