The Guy's Survival Pack

All guys should be equipped with the proper tools to ensure that they are ready to take on the day or world. The Guy’s Survival Pack will keep any man prepared for anything coming their way!

The Guy’s Survival Pack comes with Never Stop Apparel’s Calm Sea V-Neck Shirt that states “A calm sea does not make a skilled captain,” to remind guys that hardships are meant to make you a stronger man! Once you’ve put on your new shirt, don’t forget to take your HuMn Wallet with you!

HuMn Wallet is a stylish money clip that holds all your valuables without the hassle of a bulky traditional wallet! It is a slim RFID secure wallet that makes it easy to carry everything you need, anywhere you need to go.

Once you’re on the go, make sure to grab your LifeLink phone charger by PlusUs. LifeLink is ultra-thin, about the width of two credit cards, making it easy to take anywhere. LifeLink works with whatever device you own whether it is an Android phone, iPhone or Apple Tablet. Welcome to a world where staying charged is easy. LifeLink broke the rules to create a beautiful new class of cable by using quality materials and smart design.

If you have been out of the house all day and come home feeling tired, re-energize with Oxy Bump by O2 Spa Bar. Oxy Bump is liquid oxygen that goes immediately into your system and is especially effective in helping to combat headaches, hangovers and boosting your energy quickly.

After a long day, relax with a quick dinner using the Rapid Ramen Cooker! Rapid Ramen is the world’s fastest and easiest way to cook ramen noodles. The Rapid Ramen Cooker is a square shaped microwavable bowl designed in the same dimension of a block of ramen noodles and cooks ramen to perfection in only 4 minutes. The Rapid Ramen Cooker even uses only 1 cup of water instead of 2 cups on the stove! This allows you to use only half the pack of seasoning, thereby significantly reducing the sodium. It also rinses out easily and is dishwasher safe.

Protein is an important factor in any diet, which is why The Guy’s Survival pack comes with PB Crave. Made with only the finest, natural peanut butter, honey and mouth-watering flavor favorites, PB Crave spreads delicious peanut better with every bite. PB Crave only uses high-quality ingredients, proven processes and cutting-edge innovation to craft dizzying blends of unique flavors that transform everyday taste into a tantalizing, healthy treat.

Last, but not least The Guy’s Survival Pack includes Dave’s Naturally Healthy™ Adult Dog Food for man’s best friend! Dave’s Pet Food is the perfect healthy and all natural food (with added vitamins and minerals) for all kinds of dogs. It’s made with easily digestible lamb raised without artificial hormones and lots of chicken meal. This will become your dog’s favorite food!

Two (2) winners will win the following package with these items:

1-Never Stop Apparel Calm Sea V Neck Shirt-$25.00
1-HuMn Wallet-$59.00
1-Oxy Bump-$11.99
1-Rapid Ramen Cooker-$9.99
1-PB Crave-$6.99
1-Dave's Pet Food-$11.00

1 prize pack
# of Winners: 
Start/End Dates: 
6/28/2014 - 7/13/2014

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