Happy Hormones, Slim Belly Book Giveaway

Popular diet expert Jorge Cruise is back with a brand new book based on remarkable new diet science.

Anyone who has ever cut calories, avoided carbs, or followed other misguided diet programs to shed unwanted pounds knows weight loss can be a nightmare filled with fluctuating hormones and unbearable cravings - especially for carbs. No matter how much self-control a person may have, there is a biological need - particularly for women - to consume sugar and carbs to correct their lack of serotonin. This fact creates women's most challenging diet dilemma: You must cut sugar calories to lose weight, but you must eat them to balance hormones.

HAPPY HORMONES, SLIM BELLY tackles this dilemma head on, explaining the science behind the hormones that keep weight loss on track and offering real solutions for real women to help take the weight off, while improving mood, for good. Based on Jorge's remarkable Women's Carb Cycling plan HAPPY HORMONES, SLIM BELLY allows you to balance hormones AND lose weight - keeping you both healthy and happy at the same time!

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Jorge Cruise
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1/15/2014 - 1/22/2014

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