MG Handheld Wi-Fi Android App Gaming System

MG is the First Handheld Wi-Fi Android App-Gaming System for Young People. With access to over 60,000 apps on Google Play, the MG comes preloaded with 11 premium games from top developers; built-in Wi-Fi; a big 4” touch screen with rounded corners and grip providing a perfect hold on the app-play experience; 4GB of built-in memory and an 8GB SD card (a big advantage over many smartphones, tablets and even the iPod Touch which offer only a fixed memory with no ability to ever expand it). The MG Family Collaboration System includes a “Digital Wallet” and “Remote Trust” notification functions brand new to the mobile gaming space.

Unlike the Nintendo 3DS or Sony Vita, the MG does not demand expensive $40+ cartridge games, and enables young people to enter the world of free, portable app play. MG delivers a sophisticated, sleek look, unlimited expandable memory and many other unique new features in the mobile games category. Opposed to the bulkiness of tablets, the MG was created to be sturdy, ultra portable and pocket-sized—providing portable app play anywhere and everywhere. It's cool to hold and fun to play. It can play games, music and videos. The MG comes with $40 in added value ($10 in games/$10 in credit with SpendSmart™ prepaid MasterCard® with sign-up/$20 8GB SD card).


1 MG Handheld Wi-Fi Android App Gaming System
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1/23/2013 - 2/15/2013

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