Rubber Band Girl by Jennifer Nielson

What would you do if your neighbors called your little girl "Godzilla?"

Jennifer Nielson opens up about being the mother of a special needs child in her new memoir, "Rubber Band Girl" (Sourced Media Books, $19.99, hardcover).

In this heartwarming story, Jennifer Nielson recounts her journey as the mother of Hadley, a beautiful young girl with Marfan Syndrome. Together they climb the mountains of life-threatening health problems, loss, and sorrow--and forge an unbreakable bond in the process. Because of its honesty, positive tone, and happy ending, Rubber Band Girl will find an eager audience with parents and caretakers who have struggled with the health challenges or special needs of a child.

Marfan Syndrome, or “Rubber Band Disease” as it is commonly called, is a disorder of the connective tissue that creates extreme height and an enlarged aorta that can cause sudden death if the condition is not diagnosed and treated. This multi-system disorder can affect the heart, blood vessels, bones, joints, eyes, lungs, and skin. Further information is also available at: http://rubberbandgirlbook.com/

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