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Critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Cheryl B. Engelhardt is offering her third self-produced album entitled “ONE UP” which is available now on iTunes, Amazon.com, several other online stores and at her website http://www.cbemusic.com. Even days after the record's release, tracks off the album were heard on a promo ad for ABC Family’s new hit series “Switched At Birth”, FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance", as well as in stores like Anthropologie.

ONE UP, a piano-based pop/rock record, was entirely funded through fans’ donations and was recorded over the course of a year. Engelhardt claims this project was “to create music that I needed to hear, whether to lift me up, cry to, or just change the mood. I played around with different styles and sounds and I’m now sure where I’m headed as an artist and musician.” Cheryl arranged many of the songs for a string orchestra and recorded them live, in addition to her band and many backup singers. She is currently promoting her recently made music videos for the record, in addition to being a freelance composer for jingles, films and the content-creation site collegehumor.com.

Of the record, Bree Noble, founder of Women of Substance Radio, sums it up best in her personal letter to Cheryl:

“I just got done listening to your whole album. I have been completely swamped with music here, so I thought I'd never have time. But, once I started listening I had to keep going. I remembered your songs Keep and 16 Walls that we played a lot in the past and still have in our library. They were very good songs, but this album is on another plane. I am so impressed by the balance you have achieved here between pop and artsy, between uplifting and honest. Listening to this album is better than drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee (that's saying a lot for me)! It lifted my mood, enlivened my spirit and warmed my soul. You have a real gem on your hands and I think you can get a lot of TV and film placements out of these songs. And you are welcome to quote me on any of this. I don't often send personal reviews like this unless I really like something.”

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